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Whiskey From Stream


I have tried a few different Jameson Whiskeys but found Black Barrel to be one of my favorites from Jameson. It goes down smooth and is good in a variety of ways. From neat, on the rocks, mixed or even just taking it as a shot. The double charred barrel makes a huge difference in my opinion.

This was a whiskey that was suggested to me by the owner of the liquor store, he knew the kinds of whiskey I drank and suggested monkey shoulder. I must say he was right. This bourbon whiskey was smooth to me and went down well. Both on ice and neat the flavors were there. I didn't mix it with anything but it was also smooth as a shot as well.


Skrewball whiskey was suggested to me and I will be honest.. I was warned not to do shots of it because it's a very sweet whiskey. I didn't listen. I should have listened. The whiskey is good as a mix with soda or something else but on its own I am definitely not a fan. It is very sweet and very thick,


There is not much I can say about this Rye whiskey. Being that it does have a slightly spicier taste to it being it is a rye whiskey. It is good neat and mixed into an old fashioned. Doing shots of old forester can be tough because it doesn't go down as smooth to me as a bourbon does.

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